Vigo County, IN Homes For Sale

Moving to Vigo County

Moving into a new property involves packing up your entire life and starting fresh in a brand-new space. Vigo County is an excellent place to begin the next phase of your journey.

Vigo County has a population of about 109,000, and it's busy enough for those looking to stay active and quiet enough for others seeking a more peaceful lifestyle. Education, entertainment, and generalized expenses in the area clock in at noticeably lower price index values than the national average, making this a cost-effective place to call home.

Why Vigo County Is Perfect for Homeowners

Vigo County boasts a number of favorable statistics that make it an excellent place to call home. The ratio of median household income and the median home price offers affordability for the typical buyer browsing real estate listings or even land for sale. Similarly, the median age for residents is 37, and the biggest employment sectors in the community are administrative support and sales. The median commute time for workers here is just 18 minutes — a far cry from the national average of 40-plus minutes!

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