4 Items to Replace for Outdoor Summer Hosting

Maci Hiser

4 Items to Replace for Outdoor Summer Hosting

When summer comes, all the fun (and stress) of hosting comes along with it. Whether you’re hosting a laid-back BBQ or a semi-formal backyard dinner party, there is a lot to think about when it comes to planning. Ensure you’re ready to get the parties going in full swing by replacing or upgrading these essential summer items for your home in Terre Haute.

Your Seating Area
A lawn chair or two will get the job done in a pinch, but to truly turn your outdoor area into a space ready for summer hosting, an upgrade to your seating arrangements can have a big impact. Opt for cushioned bench seating along with traditional chairs to ensure that intimate groups of guests can stretch out comfortably. For larger parties, like children’s birthdays, multiple kids and adults can fit on a bench or outdoor couch seating in a pinch.

The Lighting
A utilitarian porch light will do nothing to enhance your space’s mood. Opt to light up the night while boosting the ambiance by installing more lighting options in your gathering areas. String lights are an excellent option to create a more intimate and fun gathering area in your yard. For pathways and walkways, consider lining the area with solar lights to keep costs low while providing additional visibility.

Any Outdoor Toys
You don’t have to choose between a sophisticated outdoor space or a play area for children, but a few modifications to your setup can heighten the aesthetic while still providing plenty of fun for any mini-backyard goers. Vet outdoor toys, discard broken toys and donate regularly unused items. For the rest, designate a specific spot in your yard to contain them, consider repainting some outdoor items, such as playhouses and sheds, to a neutral palette or your home’s exterior. Kids will love having a tiny version of your house and a matching aesthetic will prevent visual clutter.

Backyard Games
A great host ensures that guests have fun activities to enjoy, and now is a great time to update your backyard game collection. If your outdoor games only include toys for children, it’s time to upgrade to games that adults and kids alike can enjoy. Games like cornhole, ladder ball, croquet all make ideal activities for any outdoor gathering.

Keeping your outdoor areas guest-ready means more than updating your curb appeal through yard work.

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