Painting Kitchen and Bath Cabinets


Painting kitchen and bath cabinets a fresh, new color can give your home the much-needed update it desires for only a few hundred dollars. Make the job simple by using these guidelines to produce a smooth-to-the-touch finish without streaks, wavy lines or drips.

According to, the type of paint you buy will depend on what materials the cabinets are made of. Wood or compressed wood can be sanded, then repainted. Laminate cabinets should only be painted with products designed to stick to plastic surfaces. While acrylic and alkyd paints can do a great job, glossy or semi-gloss oil-based paint is best for durability and scratch-resistance. Use good quality synthetic bristle brushes for acrylic and natural bristle brushes for oil paints.

Clear all clutter from countertops, empty the cabinets, remove all hardware and cover backsplashes, appliances and floors with plastic sheeting secured with painter’s tape. Label all drawers and hardware so you know where to put them back. Open windows for ventilation and cover doors with sheeting to keep dust and fumes from the rest of the house.

Begin paint preparation by degreasing the cabinets and sand surfaces smooth. Prime the cabinets with paint primer and use a wood filler on all holes to give hardware a tight secure fit.

Allow plenty of time between coats for the paint to dry thoroughly to prevent thin spots, peeling and bubbling. recommends finishing with a high-gloss acrylic varnish over the final coat of paint for a rich, modern look. 

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